A craving for Paris

To get my extra shot of Paris without me being there, I like watching the following movies.

Midnight in Paris

This movie has a wonderful combination of nostalgia (yes I was born in the wrong era) and Paris.

Paris je t'aime

Paris in so many different ways. I love almost every story.

Fauteuils d'orchestre

Everything evolves around the big opera house in Paris. Yet, I have never been there.

Julie & Julia

I must have mentioned this movie a dozen times to people or on Twitter and Facebook. It still makes me tick. I love everything about this movie and I devoured the book about Julia Child too. The movie is a must-see!

About these movies

I love seeing the avenues, the buildings, the churches (oh how I love the Notre Dame!) and the food. There are many more movies that kind of take place in Paris (like 'Taken') but you don't see anything of Paris. The lovely thing about these movies is that you can watch it and dream about Paris, as much as you like.

What movies that (partly) take place in Paris do you like?

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