Favourite songs - Oldies

This picture made me laugh and inspired me to write about my favourite songs.

My all time favourite song is by Nina Simone. 'I've got life' inspires me in so many ways. Sometimes the path may be rough but thankfully I still have myself and that's all you need to count on. Everybody has a different interpretation of songs, but I like seeing this song in a positive way and that it can reflect in a positive way on my life. I love singing it out loud, which I mostly do when I'm alone (or on my bike). The right version isn't much on internet, I always have a hard time finding it!

Sitting on the dock of the bay by Otis Redding is another gem. This one makes me humble, calm... That's what music can do to you. I used to love listening to it in my rocking chair in front of the window and just staring outside and philosophing about well... life.

My taste in music is a bit... well let's just say that I like all kinds of music. So even a bit of wonderful Dolly Parton makes me happy. To be honest: I kind of like country music. I know I will never be a hipster in your eyes after saying these words. But just listen to this song and you understand what I am talking about. Dolly had a really rough time when growing up. Her family didn't own a thing and didn't have any money (like Shania Twain by the way, her and her siblings had to bathe themselves in the river!) but she still appreciated many important things. Like a Coat of Many Colours. Here's the video with Dolly singing it together with Shania at Oprah:

From Dolly we'll go to Barbra Streisand because I think she is a wonderful singer. I can listen to every song of the movie Funny Girl of which I wrote about earlier. I love that movie and the songs are fun and sometimes beautiful too (especially the finale, I cried!!!) I have now chosen the song Don't rain on my parade:

A song that will always be connected to my family is Whiter shade of pale by Procol Harum. I love that song, it's beautiful. We used it at the funeral of my grandmother and my father.

So from these oldies, I will go back to some more music from 'these' days in the next post about my favourite songs. This post was already getting so long! There are so many songs that I love, love, love!

What is your favourite oldie song? I am sure I forgot a whole bunch!

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