April14challenge - The story so far

So as we already on the second half of April, I wanted to make a little post about our #April14challenge that is going on on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Many of you have been starting to tag along and it makes me very happy!

So for today I show you some pictures from the last couple of days (15 days so far). We have made pictures with the following subjects:

  1. play
  2. blue
  3. something beginning with A
  4. this happened today
  5. something good
  6. air
  7. dreamy
  8. on your plate
  9. tiny
  10. a place
  11. detail
  12. in the middle
  13. view from your bed
  14. water
  15. alone

I have chosen some of the pictures (it are too many already, I love it!) below. Find your pictures!

Thank you for participating: Chantal, Danette, Ilse, Jantien, Karin, Nadine, Ruby, Sabine and Soraya.

And it's still not too late, to participate in this challenge. Pick it up from today on and you will have a great time too! Just find the hashtag #april14challenge on twitter or Instagram or check out this blogpost.

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