Krakow - Kompania Kuflowa Pod Wawelem

I have been on a roadtrip last summer and in this roadtrip we headed to Krakow, Poland. We had a great time. People are very nice and want to help you if you're lost (which we found in every country we visited in eastern Europe by the way). But thanks to the internet you sometimes stumble upon restaurants that you would normally not see or notice at all. We didn't want to eat at the town square because we were afraid of too much touristy people and restaurants so we walked away from that and finally found this place and IT. IS. GREAT.

Kompania Kuflowa Pod Wawelem
Świętej Gertrudy 26-29, Kraków

There's a scale at the beginning of the restaurant and that has a reason: The dishes are humangous and if you think I'm joking than look at this Officer's Platter which almost had to weigh as much as I do, I think at least. No, that's a joke but the portions are huge. For example: My fiancé had a starter which was a hollowed loaf of bread filled with sauerkraut. Or another night we asked for the fried camembert. We got two WHOLE fried camemberts. I mean, two whole cheeses. No kidding! Some pictures might help you all understand about the portions.

Anyway, it's not about the portions of course. It's about: Can you have a decent meal over here? And the answer is: Yes, you can. We had a good meal, with typical Polish dishes too and a large menu to choose from. Though it's not a refined restaurant you will have lots of fun if only because of the decoration in especially the Men's Room. I'm told what is in there, but I think you should see it with your own eyes so I'm not solving that mystery for you.

So do you want good Polish food? Than Kompania Kuflowa Pod Wawelem is your restaurant. Don't be afraid of the line, there will be some waiting involved - even on weekdays - but they are very fast and if you're only with 2 even faster. Otherwise I suggest you to make a reservation.

2nd and 3rd picture: mine

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