Photo a Day 12

Do you remember the Photo a Day challenge? I was getting sick of me not being able to finish something. It's a typical Gemini thing I am told but I hate not having time to do so. Well I must admit at this time in my life, I feel perfectly OK with time. Normally I didn't. I worked over 45 hours a week (more actually) and had to deal with the death of my father and in the end I can tell you a lot of things were on second place. I wanted to complete my 365 Happiness project as well and I know I will, but I hope you understand that I have really had a tough time ever since August 2011. On the bright side: I am going to finish these projects and I feel energized and happy nowadays. These two months off really made me feel better!

So for the 12th day, I present to you:
Close Up

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