Film Friday - Children of Men

Children of Men - This movie made quite an impression on me. It tells the story of a world without hope for a future since babies will not be born anymore. How does society react on one another? Is there chaos? En what happens when a woman actually IS pregnant?

Deze film maakte erg veel indruk op me. Deze film vertelt het verhaal van een wereld waarbij men geen hoop meer heeft op een toekomst. Er worden namelijk geen kinderen meer geboren. Hoe reageert men in deze wereld op elkaar? Ontstaat er chaos? En wat doet men wanneer er een vrouw wél zwanger is? Donkere en indrukwekkende film!

PS I am sorry for not posting it earlier. Unfortunately something went wrong with my blogger. I had made a concept in which all my favourites were written. But in some kind of way it has been deleted (there is no other possibility than me, the dumbass, has deleted it herself...) and I can't find it back anymore. So I had to start from scratch again and needed to sum up all my favourites. Next Film Friday will be up on Friday, I promise!

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