8 Februari - Elfstedentocht

I know there are many ladies who couldn't care less if the Elfstedentocht will go through, but though I am not quite an ice skater, I must admit that also I am intrigued by the Elfstedentocht. Every time it gets closer, I think: shall it happen? I love it when our whole country is looking forward to something. That feeling of solidarity I like só much! Then everybody is happy and everybody feels connected to others. I think it should be like this always, right?

Here's a little info about what the Elfstedentocht means: it's a tour through 11 (elf) cities in the state Friesland in the north of The Netherlands and the tour is almost 200 kilometers long. It's only on nature ice, so all these canals need to be frozen, when the Rayonhoofden decide it's time to start (so the ice is everywhere at least 15 centimeters thick) they say: It giet aon. This is known throughout the country. First famous ice skaters can start and afterwards it are the 'normal' skating lovers. I especially love those stories since I think they are all a little bit of heroes. If you would like to know more about the Elfstedentocht, please check out this link to wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elfstedentocht


Hoewel er genoeg dames zijn die helemaal niet geinteresseerd zijn in de Elfstedentocht en ik zelf ook geen fervent schaatser ben, ben ik toch in de ban van de Elfstedentocht. Iedere keer als het dichtbij komt denk ik: zal het toch gebeuren? Ik vind het zo leuk wanneer ineens heel Nederland in de ban is van iets. Dat saamhorigheidsgevoel vind ik zó leuk! Dat iedereen vrolijk is en zich verbonden met anderen voelt. Eigenlijk zou het zo altijd wel moeten zijn, toch?

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