5 Januari - WIDM

Today the new season of Wie Is De Mol started again and I'm ready for it! On forehand we sent messages on twitter about the first episode, also on Facebook. I layed down my notebook to make notes during the episode and invited my mother to come and watch it. She always wanted to watch, but never did. Now she can follow this season from the beginning (which is crucial). I'll try to explain what this show is all about: There is a group of people and one of them is De Mol (which means the mole) but nobody knows who. (Us as an audience doesn't know either) They have to follow commands and when they have achieved a goal/command they get a reward in money. But the mole has to sabotage during these commands. Of course he can't work too obviously because his role during the game is top secret. But fortunate for the mole, other candidates are trying to get suspected to be the mole as well. Because in this way, they can stay in the game longer and try to find out who the actual mole is. Are you following me? At the end of every episode, all contestants have to make a popquiz about the mole, who they think he is. In the beginning, there are too many candidates so they have to spread wisely their answers. But in the end, the group is getting smaller because every episode a candidate has to be sent home. The candidate who will be sent home, is sent home because of the test they made (the quiz), or they didn't spread well in beginning or they think about the wrong person to be the mole, or.... they have made as many mistakes as some others but were too slow during the test. At the end of all episodes, you see the mole telling everybody where he sabotaged the game and how he did this. Mostly lots of people don't know yet who the mole is. (They always end up with 3 persons, 2 candidates and the mole and the winner gets all the money there is left - that's why they try to get money filled and that's why the mole tries to get it lost)
 I love the programme, when you get the first email about it you are getting all excited: yay, it'll start soon! So the upcoming weeks I will be fanatically following Wie Is De Mol. Are there any more fans?


Vandaag startte het nieuwe seizoen van Wie Is De Mol weer en ik zat er klaar voor! Van tevoren twitterden we er op los over de eerste aflevering, ook alvast op Facebook. Het notitieblok werd klaargelegd zodat ik alle tips zo snel mogelijk kon opschrijven. En ik had mijn moeder uitgenodigd om samen met ons te komen kijken, zij wilde altijd al kijken, maar het was er nooit van gekomen. Nu kan ze het vanaf het begin volgen. Ik vind het een heel leuk programma en kijk er met plezier naar. Wanneer je de eerste molmail krijgt, beginnen de kriebels: leuk, binnenkort gaat het weer beginnen! De komende tijd ben ik weer in de ban van Wie Is De Mol. Wie is er nog meer fan?

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