4 November - Safety on the road

I'm sorry guys, but I'm ill, hence the lack of blogposts, but I herewith will give you my short blogposts during the day (programmed, I'm such a geek) about my happiness during the last days.

My car was at the garage but I could pick it up and now I can ride the road again safely all the way through the winter. That and my new package of road service makes me feel like I will be safer this winter on the road. Since my father can't rescue me anymore it gives me a nice feeling of being prepared.


Ik kon mijn auto ophalen bij de garage en nu kan ik weer veilig de winter in. Dat samen met mijn uitgebreidere ANWB-pakket maakt dat ik me een stuk veiliger en voorbereider de weg op kan, zeer nu mijn papa mij helaas niet meer te hulp kan schieten.

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